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Internationally-renowned line dance instructor & choreographer Bill Bader maintains this large web site providing resources for the world-wide line dance community.

This site is a testament to how long linedancing has been around and how it has spread around the world.
shining star
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France Danses en Ligne
en Français !!!
de Bill Bader
with some fantastic memories of friends met and places visited. Thank you, everyone!
Jan Wyllie
It is with great sadness that I have to report that we in the line dance world lost one of our brightest stars on Mar. 4, 2017. Jan was a great friend and the choreographer of many classic line dances such as "Pick A Pocket" and "Flying High". Much love to Annie in your time of grief.
Line-Links will no longer be updated. Please forgive the dead links you find, but you will find many useful links still there.
Here is Bill's own demo and video lesson of
Little Ship  
YouTube video

Home is beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia on the West Coast of Canada.
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I would like to thank my friend Lisa Strong
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